It's time to shake things up!

The new simple and versatile food-to-go. Serve with hot or cold fillings. No mess, no fuss, just tasty cone fun for everyone.

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What are Conebakes?

Cone Bake’s are a unique and dynamic way of eating food-on-the-go.
Tasty baked cones can easily be prepared and served with hot or cold fillings. A real ‘grab and go’ snack food option – no mess, no fuss and easy to handle; especially when you’re on the move. There’s a cone to suit everyone and every occasion. Simply warm your defrosted cones in the oven for a few minutes and then fill with whatever you like.

Six reasons why you and your customers will love Conebakes

  • They're easy to handle

    They're easy to handle

    Unlike other snack products they are an easy to get a grip of snack on the move - the perfect answer to a busy lifestyle.

  • You are in control

    You are in control

    We provide recipe ideas but how you present the Cone Bake is entirely up to you - a flexible snack product that works alongside your menu plan.

  • They're easy

    They're easy

    If anything, Cone Bakes offers less hassle with snack preparation - pop them in the oven, fill and go. It couldn't be easier!

  • We can tailor to your exact needs

    We can tailor to your exact needs

    Want a wholemeal option? No problem. We can also offer bespoke offerings for large orders. Talk to us about how we can tailor a solution to your needs.

  • They stand out from the crowd

    They stand out from the crowd

    We're always looking for something new and exciting - Cone Bakes delivers something different that will add a smile to your customers day - which will have a positive effect on your bottom line.

  • You are not alone

    You are not alone

    We can provide tools, tips, recipe ideas, marketing and instruction - our team is also available to support you and answer questions.

Conebake Stand

Our specially designed cone racks can be used to bake cones in the oven or simply to hold and display filled cones.

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